Pocket-sized Flying Camera Drone  


Introducing a high flying pocket-sized camera that you control via your smartphone to take panoramic aerial photos, airselfie or video.


The camera drone can take mid-air photos and video from all angles and has numerous uses:


Military & Stealth

- Take photos or video undetected.

- Take photos or video of difficult to reach areas.

- Take photos or video safely in dangerous zones.



Climbing & Rescue

- Take photos or video of difficult to reach areas.

- Be able to see who you are rescuing, even if they cannot be reached.

- Look ahead to where you are about to climb.



Social & Outdoor Events

- Ability to take photos or video of weddings or events from the sky.

- Ability to take photos of large groups.

- Use for holiday pictures of landscapes.

-  Avoid the need for a selfie-stick and take an Airselfie that gets everyone in the picture and with panoramic backgrounds.


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